Wednesday, March 23, 2016

UNA-NCA is pleased to invite you to attend its Spring Career Dinner Series, which is taking place on the 16th of April 2016!

This is a great networking opportunity for students and young professionals. Speakers are renowned mid- and senior-level professionals with the experience and knowledge to inspire and provide advice for those looking to improve their networking skills and learn more about different career paths.
"The Career Dinner event is a great place to meet other young people with whom you share similar interests. It is a good opportunity to learn more about a specific field you are interested in pursuing professionally. The nature of group dinners makes it more comfortable to ask any questions to the speakers, and to engage in a lively and informal conversation." Marisa Garcia, Operations Analyst, Urban and Disaster Risk Management United at the World Bank
The April 2016 Dinner Series will include a reception at the UN Foundation, followed by [insert number of dinners] different dinners, each specific to one professional area (international law, peace and security, global health, etc.). Individual dinners will be held at the Foundation and at the homes of UNA-NCA Board members. Participants will have the chance to learn more about their areas of interest by engaging in informal conversation and exchanging ideas with experienced professionals during the reception and dinners they choose to attend.

This year's reception will feature two keynote speakers:
Ms. Donya Nasser
US Youth Observer to the United Nations
Mr. Robert Skinner
Director, United Nations Information Center in Washington

Featured topics for the Spring 2016 individual dinners are:
  • Careers in Global Health
  • Careers in International Law
  • Careers in Gender Equality
  • Careers at the United Nations
  • Careers in Sustainable Development
  • Careers in Communications
  • Careers in Human Rights
  • Careers in Peace and Security
The International Career Dinners are held each fall and spring and constitute one of the main events organized by UNA-NCA and its Young Professionals Board of Directors. 

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